Work Experience

A Summary of our Work Experience

Lot Ramusi has the following work experience:

1. PRATT, LUYT & DE LANGE ATTORNEYS, he worked at Pratt Luyt & De Lange as an articles clerk from January 2009 to May 2010, learning Civil, Criminal and Labour disputes from a highly experienced principal namely, Johan Frederick Moolman.
2. SB NGENTO ATTORNEYS, he further worked at SB Ngento attorneys as an articles clerk from June 2010 to December 2010 until which he completed his articles of clerkship as required by the Law Societies of the Northern provinces. He learned different ways of lodging claims from the Road Accident fund, commercial Litigation and Labour disputes from a highly experienced principal namely, S.B Ngento.
3. RAMUSI ATTORNEYS, he then wrote his Attorneys admission examination in February 2011 and passed, which ultimately resulted in his qualifying as an admitted attorney to which he was admitted on 20 October 2011. In January 2012 he became a Director and the Founder of Ramusi Attorneys to which he is presently under employ. 
4. ACTING MAGISTRATE, He was than appointed as an acting magistrate at the Thabazimbi Magistrate court on 1 October 2014, under the leadership and guidance of Mr. Jacob Maribana, wherein he received extensive legal experience from the other side, he became well acquainted with the rules of the court and what is expected of an attorney for a successful litigation or legal dispute. He then moved to preside at Thabamoopo Magistrate court under the guidance of Mrs Winnertz in April 2016.
5. LIMPOPO IMPALA CRICKET, he was then appointed as a director on the board of directors in May 2015, the provincial division of Cricket South Africa, which governs all cricket activities in the Limpopo province, he constantly adds legal value and expertise to the board when a legal challenge arises and to date the board prides themselves with 100% success rate on all legal disputes. He is a director under the leadership of Mr. John Mogodi.

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