Dispute resolution, insolvency and litigation

Dispute Resolution, Insolvency and Litigation

Daily commerce and business transactions often involve complex relationships between individuals, companies and other organisations and it has become increasingly vital to consult professional dispute resolution attorneys to avoid costly disagreements.Whether in the realm of dispute resolution, litigation, or insolvency litigation, the team assists clients to find the most beneficial resolution of disputes, effectively and efficiently.

Ramusi Attorneys also specialises in sectional title property disputes. Sectional title ownership is quite distinct from freehold ownership of land which poses unique challenges between owners and occupiers and the governing body corporate. The team is well versed in the potential pitfalls and the most ideal ways to resolve disputes that arise.

Our insolvency advice covers personal and corporate liquidations, sequestrations, compositions, offers of compromise, business rescue and the implications of insolvency for industrial and commercial transactions.

Insolvency, Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Our expertise in insolvency law includes:
Sequestration and liquidation applications: We provide expedient litigation services for corporate recovery by using sequestration or liquidation applications.

Investigations and enquiries: Ramusi Attorneys can perform investigations for liquidators and creditors to establish their claim’s validity.

We specialise in commercial and corporate litigation, contracts, corporate recovery, administrative law advice and litigation, insolvency and property.

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